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Carnelian Choker
Length – 18.5"
Metal Lobster Lock

The stone promotes riches and prosperity; strengthens body immunity. Cures affected thyroid glands; improves hormonal balance. Universal stone for all signs of Zodiac.

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Carved and Cabochon Amethyst
Length – 19.5"
Sterling Silver, Metal Clasp

Cures alcoholism; brings happiness and good luck; protects from negative energy; assists attainment of sexual health and promotes regularity. Assists kidney and blood circulation functions. Stabilizes the function of hypothalamus. Amulet for those who are born under the signs of Aquarius and Cancer; can be worn though by those born under all signs of Zodiac.

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Carved Green Jade Necklace w/Earrings (not shown)
Length – 19"
Metal Hardware

Holy stone of the Universe. Guards against negative energy; promotes cure from kidney inflammation; increases zest for life. May be worn by all signs of Zodiac.

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Cherry Quartz/Pendant of Sponge Coral
Length – 20"
Metal/Sterling Silver

All rose quartz stones exude double streams of energy. This stone is called the “Stone of the Heart”. It promotes Goodness and Love.

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Green Tiger Eye w/Drops
Length – 18"
Metal Clasp

This stone stabilizes the human condition; increases human will and sharpens the intuition. Promotes concentration of attention; thus good for gamblers to wear. Promotes protection from evil eye. Assist the cure from neurosis, hypertension and anemia.

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