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Click to enlargeBlack Hole
Oil, 32x42 cm

Renews and restores the channel that leads to Higher Self. Opens new (for the viewer) vision of achieving material benefits. Affects 7th and 5th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 618KB)

Click to enlargeArrival of Civilization
Ink, 22x30 cm

Assists in perceiving the artificiality of modern society from the point of view of nature. Affects 6th, 7th, 3rd and 1st chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 905KB)

Click to enlargeConscience
Oil, 75x31 cm

Influences simple instincts uniting them with the super conscious and manifests this effect in the heart. Balances all energy centers by unconscious realization of the duality of this world. It is a very powerful and soft image. Affects, in general, the 7th, 1st and 4th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 688KB)

Click to enlargeDawn at Uranus
Oil, 49x29 cm

Restores the connection with Higher Self and at the same time opens the heart, then influences abstract vision and the mental state of one’s body. Affects 7th, 4th, 6th, 3rd and 5th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1077KB)

Click to enlargeBirth of the Universe
Ink, 22x30 cm

Widens abstract thinking. Influences the emotional state of body and helps to understand the Higher Will. Affects 6th, 2nd and 7th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 947KB)


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