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Click to enlargeWindows of Soul
Oil, 39x59 cm

Opens the heart, balances the emotional state of body, aligns the logical thinking with harmony and widens the abstract vision. Affects 4th, 2nd, 5th, 3rd and 6th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1151KB)

Click to enlargeWigwams of Wisdom
Oil, 43x30 cm

Restores connection with Higher Self, influences abstract thinking, then touches the heart by awakening unconditional Love and unifying higher aspects of self (understanding oneself as an individual and one’s ability for abstract thinking as well as finding the purpose of one’s life). Affects 7th, 6th, 4th and 5th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1263KB)

Click to enlargeOn the Way to Knowledge
Ink, 22x30 cm

Transforms whole blocks and complexes of abstract vision. Helps to realize the duality of this existence. Affects the 6th, 2nd and 7th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1078KB)

Click to enlargeThe Tunnel of Time
Oil, 18x36 cm

Unveils the ‘third eye’ wide open. Allows to esperience diversity and many facets of abstract thinking. Assists in comprehending one’s mission on Earth in this particular dimension. Influences the 4th and 6th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 549KB)

Click to enlargeThe Spiral of Evolution
Oil, 90x41 cm

Works all over the energy state of a body, further unifies and refines it. Transforms inner denial and negations into positive thinking. It is a very energetic and powerful image.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 629KB)


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