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Marat Zakharin

Click to enlargeDiverse Worlds
Oil, 19x18 cm

Opens the ‘third eye’, abstract thinking and connects the energy within one’s body with Earth. Affects the 6th,1st and (to a smaller extent) 4th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 610KB)

Click to enlargeThe Empire of Fire
Oil, 55x37 cm

This is the energy of fire; it refines the whole energy of a body starting with places with an excess of tension. Cleans the energy channel between the Earth and Space and allows the viewer feel empowered by his abilities and sense of assuredness.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 733KB)

Click to enlargeFlow
Oil, 18x17 cm

Opens the‘third eye’, abstract thinking and ‘shares’ with the viewer’s heart this information. 6th and 4th chackras. This image gives focused influence.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 725KB)

Click to enlargeFlowers
Oil, 29x38 cm

Opens heart, then reconnects with Space and Earth. Affects 4th, then the 7th and 1st chackras. This image gives a very focused influence.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1024KB)

Click to enlargeImpulse
Oil, 50x56 cm

Purifies the higher aspects of body's energy. Starts with reconnection with one’s Higher Self; then proceeds to broaden the viewer’s abstract vision and finally opens awareness of oneself as individuality. Affects the 7th, 6th and 5th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 952KB)


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