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Click to enlargeCradle of Humanity
Oil, 30x37 cm

Unifies in one’s heart the comprehension of duality by spreading this energy all over the body of a person. The main point of influence are 4th and 6th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1153KB)

Click to enlargeCreation of the Planet
Oil, 31x43 cm

Renews all energy centers. Utilizes the sexual energy of the viewer; thus it is important to work with this picture when one is not tired. You can reach amazing results then. Affects all chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 844KB)

Click to enlargeGreen Reality
Oil, 34x28 cm

Opens the heart and connects with Higher Will. Widens abstract vision and realizes material goals. Affects the 4th, 6th, 7th and 5th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1185KB)

Click to enlargeSearch
Oil, 37x48 cm

Opens the heart and proceeds to the upper reaches within the body of energy; it signifies the balancing of the 5th and 6th chackras which are responsible for expressing oneself in one’s life. Reconnects with Higher Self and represents the 7th chackra.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 525KB)

Click to enlargeSpirit of Taiga
Oil, 33x30 cm

Cleanses the channel which is connected with Earth. Helps energy to move freely trough the energy channel of viewer from Earth to Space. Affects largely the 1st chackra and after opening the 1st chackra, the energy from Earth moves trough all chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 1002KB)


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